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Project Description
Powershell script to parse multiple IIS log files from multiple servers to a SQL server database.

This project provides a power shell script and associated SQL (Schema + stored procs) to parse IIS logs from multiple servers to a database.

Database file partitioning (thanks to @j_mcmullan should mean it can efficiently manage huge amounts of data.

Thanks to @amogram for contributing to the script and the scema definition.

There is an MS tool that does this - Log Parser that you might want to take a look at.

We were looking at a solution that:
  • didn't involve installing something big on the web servers
  • allowed use of strongly typed stored procedures for data transfer
  • would support multiple servers and large amounts of data

(We were looking at using this on a client who is pretty security conscious, as am I, and likes to abide with OWASP Secure Coding Practices, and who wouldn't, that states "Use strongly typed parameterized queries " in its database security section.


  • Schema and stored procedures
  • Tested with a lot of .log files


  • Implement portioning and indexing on the Log table
  • Describe how to install/create Downloads.
  • Process to delete old log entries
  • Modify to only parse old files so wont interfere with files in flight.

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